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Monday, September 17, 2007

The future

In the past few weeks we have worked with a wide array of folks: Cub Scouts, State Park Directors, Law School and College students; and they all have one thing in common: their focus on recreation and the future of outdoor steward-ship.  

The Cub Scouts we worked with are the future, seven and eight years old, they are excited to play outside and discover the ways they can adventure and have fun in the outdoors.  

The State Parks Director's Conference was focused on ways to encourage kids, such as Scouts, high school and elementary school students, and families, to get outdoors and interact with nature.  It is hoped that as kids build a connection with the outdoors they will want to protect and preserve it so that others can also experience that connection.  

While working with Vermont Law School and Unity College in Maine we found a bridge between the Cub Scouts and the Park Directors.  The students we worked with have established bonds with certain places and are fighting to protect them or are developing their leadership skills as future outdoor educators and stewards.  We worked with students who might be that person who introduces a child to the wonders of the natural world.

As we taught and interacted with these different people we were continually inspired by their enthusiasm, questions, and desire to learn more.  From the Cub Scouts to the State Park Directors everyone was excited about getting outdoors and learning the best practices for their area.  

We encourage all of you: educators, parents, siblings, and outdoor enthusiasts to introduce a kid to the outdoors and the adventures that they can have there!

See you on the road,
North and Ella

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