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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

International Urban Parks Convention

Pittsburgh, PA is a beautiful city and it's getting greener by the minute. The city stands as an example of modern urban renewal with a keen focus on it's urban parks. Therefore, it was no coincidence that Pittsburgh was this year's site for the International Urban Parks Convention. We at Leave No Trace have devoted much of our efforts recently to developing a Frontcountry Program that addresses the unique opportunities and impacts that exist in our urban parks and day use areas around the country, so we were very eager to meet and work with park officials and city planners from around the region. A highlight for us was hearing Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods," speak about the importance that these green places have on children and how urban parks are the first and perhaps only opportunities that many kids will have to be in nature. As our current national situation continues, more Americans will be looking much closer to home for outdoor recreation and the kind of rejuvination and curious inspiration that our natural world can provide us. "Near is the new far," according to Outside magazine, so here's to bike rides in the park, fishing at the local fishing hole, day trips to our state parks, imagination and exploration in our own back yards, getting our hands dirty in the garden, and volunteering to clean up and green up our neighborhood parks. And please, bring the kids along!

Did you know that the city of Pittsburgh has the most bridges in the world with 446 in the city limits. That's three more than Venice, Italy. There are a staggering 944 bridges in the greater Pittsburgh area of Allegheny county!

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