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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Geocaching 101…We Need Your Help!

In honor of the new Leave No Trace ethics reference card on Geocaching, we decided to pick up a travel bug on a recent hike on Boundary Peak in Nevada. He’s pretty cute and we’re having a tough time deciding where to bid farewell to our new traveling companion, so we thought we’d ask for a little help.

Here is a list of places we are going to be visiting in the next few weeks, first person to leave a comment with coordinates of a cache in the general area of one of these events decides the fate of our little friend!
• Outdoor Adventure Summit – Philmont, NM
• Subaru Ready for Adventure Event – Malibu Creek State Park, CA
• Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics – Boulder, CO


BearLeader said...

What better place to leave a travel bug than at the St James Travel Bug Hotel (GC13RWC) in Cimarron, NM?

N 36° 30.306 W 104° 55.241

Emily and JD said...

Thanks Bear Leader! We'll do to follow!

Emily and JD said...
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HeadHardHat said...

I'm sure there are a bunch of TBs out there but my daughter has that exact TB called Wolfgang Von PitterPat. Is that him?


Emily and JD said...

Hey HeadHardHat! Yes, the TB in our picture and until this morning in our Subaru is none other than Wolfgang Von PitterPat! Very exciting, tell your daughter that he is doing great and check back soon for more pictures and another blog about Von Pitterpat's adventure with the Subaru/Leave No Trace traveling trainers!

PS-We will be registering his travels on later today!