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Friday, March 12, 2010

3/12/10 Picture of the Week

The Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, S.C. is estimated to be between 300-400 years old.  It's height is 65 feet, while it's longest limb measures 89 feet!


Jack Gescheidt said...

Dear Angel Oak fan,

I came across your website/blog posting about the Angel Oak (AO) and thought you should know it is currently threatened by a multi-acre 600-housing unit development—and could use your help.

A website with more information about this disaster in the works has been set up by local Charleston citizens, Save The Angel You can sign an on-line petition there if you agree the Angel Oak is best enjoyed in rural rather than condominium surroundings.

The developers claim they won't cut down the Angel Oak itself—but they WILL cut down thousands of trees and clear 40 (!) acres of the surrounding forest that shelters and sustains the Angel Oak and wildlife—and even fill in a wetlands too. They do not even mention this in their plans, instead saying only “they won’t kill the Angel Oak.”

They either don’t understand or won’t admit that the surrounding forest has for centuries protected the magnificent Angel Oak (from high winds, storms, etc.)

Please visit their website and sign the petition:

jack gescheidt

Kate and Tracy said...

Thanks for the information. We will check out the website! It would be an absolute shame to see that area turned into a condominium filled "forest" as opposed to the beautiful natural forest it is today. Glad to see that the tree will be saved either way, but it needs its current environment in order to thrive. Glad their are people out there in Charleston fighting to save Angel Oak!
-Kate and Tracy