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Friday, March 2, 2012

We ALL live downstream.

Everywhere, USA:

We recently saw a great bumper sticker. "We ALL live downstream". We often teach how we have lost our connection to the natural world. This disconnect allows us to separate our actions from their consequences. Or worse yet, to not think of our consequences at all.

We were visiting McKinney Falls State Park and happened upon this picturesque cascade. In the small pool in the lower center of the photo you'll notice a perfect example of nonpoint source pollution. This is pollution that is carried by nature, gathered and transported away from the source where it originally became a contaminant. It's like having someone litter on your doorstep from miles away.

We inquired to the park manager about the gyre of debris by the falls. He stated that what we saw on this day was miniscule in comparison to the amount that would FILL the entire pool after a day of rain. Educating ourselves to have the knowledge of the consequence that may result from our action will hopefully change the way we act. The previous owners of all this litter seemingly have lost their connection to the natural world. Rekindle your connection. Educate yourself and others to Leave No Trace.

Recreate your recreation.
Mark and Tara

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